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Part 2

* * *

* * *

Taylor placed the pen beside him as he skimmed his eyes over the letter he had just finished for Emily. He sighed and folded it up and tossed it in the package, along with a few pictures, and sealed it up, leaving it on the table to be put in the mail. He was about to turn on the TV when he heard Isaac's guitar from the back and decided to investigate. When he walked into the back room, Isaac was sitting across from the table with his guitar on his knee, feverishly writing something down.

"What's up?"

Isaac didn't look up from his paper but instead strummed his fingers against his guitar's strings.

"Writing a new song."

"Oh." Taylor sat down next to him and peeked at the paper as Isaac strummed some more.

"Mary was a young girl with a young girl's heart," he sang softly and then stopped to look at Taylor. "And that's where I'm stuck."

"The song's about Mary?"

"Yeah, Sherlock. I decided to invest all my emotional feelings into a song, but I can't get anything past that. I thought of a bit more but it doesn't fit anywhere."

"Play it," Taylor encouraged, sitting back in his seat.

Isaac strummed the guitar again. "The wind it blows through the leaves, ending through the trees. The thunder roams these crashing seas, like a tender kiss that reminds her of me...." He stopped singing and looked at Taylor. "Doesn't really sound like it fits anywhere but it goes great with the melody."

"You should put that at the start," Taylor suggested. "I think it'll sound good there. And do all friendship relations end up that way?" He tagged on the end randomly.

Isaac looked confused for a second. "Not all, Taylor, just most. Me and Mary were better off as friends maybe, we didn't see each other enough and, well, that's love. In this life, you can love right or you can love wrong..." he grinned. "That's so perfect for the chorus." He started to sing. "In this life long...."

"Love song!" Taylor exclaimed and started to sing. "In this life long love song, you can love right, you can love wrong. In this love song you can love long...." He paused for a second. "but if you love wrong doesn't mean... love's gone!"

Isaac grinned and scribbled what Taylor had sung down on the paper. "This is brilliant and I think you just sang yourself your own advice about Emily."

"Who says I was talking about Emily?" Taylor asked, becoming fascinated with the paper.

"Oh come on, you've been head over heels for her since the day you met her. Taylor, you followed her for two hours at South by Southwest until she noticed you. You liked her from the start... OH!" He stopped and started to sing again. "Mary was a young girl, with a young girl's heart, all I can remember is I loved her from the start."

"And now she's gone forever, tell me what did Isaac do!" Taylor replied jokingly and Isaac gave him a look.

"I was hers forever and she was mine too. Something's wrong and now she's gone...."

"Tell me what did I do?" Taylor smiled. "Better?"


"I think we've gotten a new song here, it needs a bridge though. Get Zac in here, maybe we can come up with something," Taylor grinned.

"Taylor, get him yourself and bring Dad with the camera so we don't forget the melody," Isaac looked at him with one of those big brother glances, and Taylor grudgingly got up and headed back into the lounge to get his Dad and brother.

* * *


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